when u hug girls n the boob touches the boob???? wjat then???? marriage???

Margot Verger + red

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scully’s segment in Triangle is incredible gillian anderson killed it

i just watched it again Holy Shit It’s Incredible 

Tove Lo
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the original “stay high” is so perfect

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I’ll be doing a limited print run of the final ACD poster; just let me know if you want to make a reservation. The black/white version will be available as t-shirts by demand. thanks!

Anonymous asked, "Hey. So this might be a rant. But I read your posts re: gender and hoooo boy do I recognize what you're describing. I don't feel trans, necessarily. But I don't feel female either. And when I'm alone that's usually fine. But the expected femininity that I do and am expected to conform to sometimes really wears me down. When people use gendered pet names for me and stuff it just makes me really sad. And I kind of go back and forth between "conforming" and not. It's confusing and just ughhh."

massages u gently & empathetically


i wish i didnt look like a foot

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this is what butts sound like

i will forever reblog this post

this gets me pumped

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i’m destroyed

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Anonymous asked, "What the fuck"


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I can’t wait until December when I will pop on my favorite sweater, pour a nice big mug of cocoa, assemble a big plate of cookies, ignore the weeping of my friends and family who haven’t seen me in a month and can’t believe that I have finally emerged, and return to my sequestered existence where I will still be playing Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Tear You Apart
She Wants Revenge
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"I want to hold you close.
 Soft breath, beating heart.
 As I whisper in your ear…
 I wanna fucking tear you apart.”

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can you tell kristen is busy drawing and left me to my own devices


What’s that on your hand????? *holds it* itS ME

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Anonymous asked, "Without me there would be no pigeons in the first place bruh........*adds that to list of sentences I thought I'd never say*"

without my existence there would be no blog for you to send asks to

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i got the PhD(elphine)

Clark. 22. she or they. aggressively attracted to fictional characters. Minneapolis.

wicked obsessed with delphine cormier
& headcanons are my superpower

fic | everything | arts

these days you'll see here...

Broad City
Dragon Age
Orphan Black
Legend of Korra
Shingeki no Kyojin

but always a Mass Effect blog.

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