Destiny: Class Selection Screen

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also sorry video game means not much blogging but i’m still around so shoot me a msg if u want lil nuggets

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okay but have you considered the following joniss ideas

  • aro/ace katniss and ace johanna
  • post-war joniss who have stuck together just bc and have fallen in love so slowly they haven’t even noticed
  • joniss in a sort of queerplatonic thing w peeta who always brings them pastries and sometimes falls asleep on their couch
  • autistic katniss who gels so well w johanna bc jo is so far past caring about societal niceties. jo threatening to bury one of her axes in any dickass who harasses katniss
  • modern au 1: the poverty stricken everdeen’s move from their small n dying country village to a shitsticks town where johanna lives. they live on the outskirts in some rundown trailer and she lives in a shitty ‘not worried about being robbed bc there is literally nothing to steal’ place. they meet like two swords colliding and things happen.
  • modern au 2: katniss is hoping from job to job working like three at a time just to scrap by and one of the new jobs she lands is like assistant or something to johanna who was effectively sold (they’d say pushed) into the…. acting? industry by her parents as a kid and several years and meltdowns later she’s this terrifying talent but also just plain terrifying.
  • anything abt them dealing w their ptds bc katniss got a p fair shake in the books, i feel? not the best but. whereas johanna’s torture and games trauma doesn’t seem as acknowledged by the books or fandom.


when rly cool artists follow u


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mads get back online and help me w this quest this instant

bettervillains replied to your post: dying on the last wave right as my gho…

//is that the earth strike mission cause lemme tell you i died like eighteen times//

lmao naw it was just some scrub quest on venus i just wasnt paying attention and i’m still acclimating to the vex

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dying on the last wave right as my ghost finishes scanning

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independence and being in a relationship can coexist and should coexist.

also my warlock is hot as heck B)

destiny is like just the right balance of fucking challenging but doable, at least for me. p impressed.

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wait a dang second was that npc the same va as admiral shala’raan

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everybody else is doin’ it


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